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  Prepare for your exams using our Plumbing Theory Revision software.

Plumbing is probably the most complex of the construction trades.

It's not just plumbing.  You will need to be a bricklayer, an electrician, carpenter, accountant, public relations expert. And that's in addition to everything you need to know about plumbing!

The Plumbing Trade covers:   Cold water supply - Hot water supply - Central heating - Basic plumbing principles - Environmental awareness - Electricity - Basic plumbing practices - Health and Safety - Effective working relationships Sheet lead weatherings - Drainage systems

And for every module there is an exam. PLUS. Just when you think you've done everything, there is the end of year exam!

The Revision Pack has examples of every question you are likely to get in any Plumbing Theory Exam! And gives you the answers to each and every one of those questions!!

There are now Training modules added to the Plumbing Theory Revision Package. Including:

Domestic Heating Control Systems
A complete training course covering Conventional open vented Central Heating Systems
Components - Piping layout - Wiring - Trouble Shooting

Coping with complex questions
Shows you how to handle difficult exam questions

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